Antihistamine and Marijuana?

You will scoff and say with scorn, is that going to be your excuse? But, I don’t need an excuse anymore, and it makes sense to me. Cannabis regularly dried up your mouth and eyes. Why wouldn’t it do that to your nose as well?

I figured out why I was fooled into thinking you could get an OMMP card, (or green card, as Ciera’s foolish stepdad calls it) for having a bipolar disorder. It’s because somehow, it got on leafly that certain types of bud were good for treating it. You can add any ol’ thing you want and it’ll pop up there. I’m waiting to see if my runny nose becomes a frequently chosen medical symptom.

Just saw a thing about Button Tapper Press. That’s a good name.

What good is all us creating stories? Someone will probably mine them to make more visible entertainment. And us, we get out of it the pleasure of creating something good.
Kristi has written a few smutty novelettes. She has a bit of a lecture at the front and back, and I’m not sure how that’s gonna fly. Guess it depends on how much everybody likes the characters. I like that she uses a character from her first book as a fairly large part of the second book. Even though I never read the first one. Don’t think I want to read the first one, but that’s because my pheromones are broken.

I’m pretty sure John was hoping my using Cannabis would net him some sex, like the good old days. It’s talks like this that make me want to be sure there’s no identifiable information on this blog. My poor heartdaughter would be mortified.TMI!

There are plenty of links in this blog now to identify me, but the point is rather, no one gives a shit to identify me. They are pretty busy with their own lives. Go ahead, have a stoney blog and don’t bother me. To be honest, I should probably change the tag line of my blog, being about bioplar thoughts and struggles. I’m not struggling so much anymore. I got it handled. Now, it’s time to clean up the house a bit. Just because I still have a drippy nose, wait, no I don’t. Okay I’ve really got to whip my self to do some basic maintenance around here.

Really, time to publish and get some housework done, so next weekend can be super awesome!


Buggin Me

I have to admit, I’ve been irritable lately. I flipped out a little because my kitchen had gnats, fruit flies, flying around as I was trying to make my salad, finding out that the refrigerator had frozen my veggies and ruined them. Okay, that’s enough to piss someone off, but I gave loud voice to my frustration.

I got chapped again at work, definitely more crabby than usual.Did it come from my weekend of weed smoking? I seem to recall I was crabby last Friday as well. Hard to concentrate on numbers, figure things out. Not really improved today. But not worse.  wasn’t able to have a meeting with my supervisor and boss, though, both being absent.

I confessed to a few at work that I had bought 3 grams of weed at Stonies, something I really hadn’t planned on doing. It doesn’t need to get around at work, but that’s a done deal now. Great. I have anxiety that the business isn’t going as well as the boss thinks it is.

I realize that all of this is of my own making. This is just a log of what may be side effects of using cannabis for a person with bipolar. I just did a little research and I can’t remember where I got the idea that I could have gotten an OMMP card because I have bipolar. Depression isn’t even a qualifying condition.

I also read an article about Depression and medical marijuana

Small doses. I have felt beneficial effects from occasional use, but I used quite a bit this past weekend, being unsupervised and in possession of plentiful fresh buds. In reading past posts, I talked about how I stay away from candy and caffeine for my health.I have been doing all three, too much weed, candy and sugared tea. And now my brain wants to rebel.

That’s all for now. My log of bipolar symptoms and my journey through the legalization of weed in my state. I got a surplus of candy still at the house, but I can quit using caffeinated teas and lay off the weed for a while. I’ll try to check back in here, to log my success or failure and chart my mood. I know you can’t wait.

I’m So Baked

Were it not for my intimate musing on her father, I would totally share this blog with my heart daughter,. I just bought my first legal purchase of weed. I bought three different strains. I want to see if I can tell a difference. I thought, I’ll try the Kush n Cheese first, then have some Dairy Queen before the write in tomorrow.

Turns out, I vaped the DQ tonight. It’s a total yoga and writing high. I ground it up real fine, then loaded the box what I figured was a quarter full of the kief. There’s so much kief left, I had to rig up quite an elaborate set up, because I need to keep it separate from the rest, to try the rest by itself, to see if I ought to blend the kief back into the mix. Can it be done?

I suppose I’m being deadly boring right now.  I feel super confessional, but also super redeemed. I totally want to get up from writing this and give my body and sweet stretch. Yeah, I still got it. I showed the folks outside Stonies tonight. I identified myself by my facebook cover photo.half a hundred in case you wondered, this is half a hundred.

I imagine how this could play out. Danger! But not from the police, from the weed and public confessionals and all like I’m doing. A story. Someone learns about this old lady, alone and getting high with a houseful of marijuana. (3 grams). I know just how to tag this to catch the attention of an unsavory element who is smart enough and hungry enough to want to come get my weed. I’d better lock the house up.

But I don’t have to tag or categorize it all all, and no one will read it until something spastic happens. I gotta go wiggle my way out of this.

I’m so stoned! Up to this point I’ve been vaping months old indica and smoking years old bud; yes, with a bong, Dude outside Stonies. Stonies. What a name. I suppose it sounds kinda hip. I want to move my hands around spastic like the girl in the hotel who ended up mysteriously inside a water reservoir. There is video of her in an elevator, twisting her fingers and arms around like I feel bound to do. I’ve got to honor the blueberry.

Unsupervised, in public! Oh it’s only my insignificant blog. But so long as I am beautiful, so long as I am entertaining, so long as I’m not foolish. Am I embarrassed to smoke pot publicly? Obviously not. I want to tell my story, but I have to make it entertaining, I have to turn it into pretend. Plausible deniability. Crap, I’m stoned, and not a person to see me. ‘Cept in line at Smokies, I mean Stonies, and anyone who might recognise my faceook profile from my wordpress one. I don’t know anyone who looks at one will look at this other, but how many people might read it? How many people would want to?

Got to make it beautiful, got to make it entertaining, got to keep it from being foolish. Posture: Yoga, body rush, recreational, solo, vulnerable? No, I’m not vulnerable. And maybe I paid for this pot with the money I got from making audiobooks, that aren’t embarrassing. Got to make it beautiful, got to make it entertaining.

The Evidence: I can be quoted as saying, I work for a very conservative boss who would most likely not want to know I was smokin’ weed. I can be quoted as saying, I didn’t realize I had a condition which could have got me smoking legal a few years ago. Course, I didn’t work at a place that would tolerate drug use, even for medical. I actually inquired about it and was told straight out no. But, on it states how good certain strains will work to treat depression.

Redemption? Johnny’s at a wake for his father. His funeral was today. I’ve been forgiven for not going, since I’ve already taken time off for diverticulitis and a broken tooth. My boss urged me to go anyway, but I’m anticipating a large tax bill from not having any withholding taken from my unemployment checks. Johnny wants to buy a van and I’ve just spent a grand on a stinking crown. Gah!

But I went ahead and spent $45.00 on weed tonight. I figure it will last me a ridiculously long time. Even if I smoked every single night, I wouldn’t use all that pot up for 6 months, I’ll wager. But I plan to be a weekend toker. A solo smoker and I’m not smoking I’m vaping!

I need to continue to do well for my job. They seem to be happy with me, but I should check in on Monday. I’ve been eating breakfast at my desk instead of setting my alarm earlier to allow for full face make up. I’m doing my eyebrows for the first time ever. I think I look pretty decent. I’m going to take a selfie with the laptop and post it here. That would be my biggest bid for verifying my public image with my real self.

video chat image

I’ve been tossing around the idea of making a truer to life story, about a middle aged woman who begins smoking pot as soon as it gets legal. She has a new job that doesn’t test for drugs and the state behind her. But she foolishly posts a blog about it with out being careful to hide her real identity and becomes the target of thieves who think they can waltz in and snag her $45.00 worth of weed and maybe take a laptop or do some violence.

Really, a person wouldn’t target someone’s weed at their house. It would have been easy as pie for the bicyclist to snag my pack as I walked by, to snag my bag, my bright white paper bag with my hot pink vials of three different strains of cannabis, all perfectly legal. If that were to happen though, the story would move to the boy who stole the bag.

But that may be a conceit, that young boys would want pot. Everybody in that line was over 30, that’s for dang sure.

I applied for a job at Stonies, back when I was unemployed. It wasn’t all that long ago, but I wasn’t sure if the other gal dishing out buds was the same as who interviewed me. I wonder how cool that would have been, if I would have bought my buds from her. The woman buying bud the same time as me was an older woman, hair done, make up and fit over sunglasses (sexy). All of us in line seemed mighty sober.

I love where I work. I hope I am not too obnoxious there. I’ve vowed to check in with them on my progress. How much more is there for me to learn? What am I not doing yet that I should be doing? I need to get up an extra five minutes and maybe not worry about using concealer so much. I’m going to get a new pair of glasses, as soon as I get the taxes paid and my crown and what not. Johnny wants a van, the driveway needs patched, we should finish the waterfall and build some decks. I want to get our lawn in order. On and on and on. Can Jann really support all of us? Will the conference be a disaster? Wait, weed is supposed to be good for anxiety. Wait, what?

Turns out, I got a bit of insomnia from the DQ. I made an anonymous profile on leafly, in order to make a review warning other bipolar users of DQ that it might mess with their sleep. I guess I should have said the paranoia side effects are significant, but really, how much of that is the fault of the actual strain and not just with a persons life circumstances at the time of intoxication? That’s why I bought three different kinds of strains. I asked to get one end of the spectrum and then the other, and then I’ll start discriminating.

A lot of this blog is stoner ramblings. I’ve cleaned it up a tiny bit, but I don’t want to destroy the log of me getting back into using pot, so this is as clean as it will get. And maybe it doesn’t track, and maybe it’s deadly boring, but this blog sees very little traffic anyway, so fuck it.

I Don’t Recommend Doing Yoga While You Have Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is an infection of the large intestines, because your colon gets these fingernail sized pockets in them and poop gets caught up in it and goes rottener, making your intestines rotten. It’s like, don’t worry if you have DiverticuLOSIS, you’ll probably never even get symptoms from it. Just eat a high fiber diet and everything will likely be okey dokey.

Now, DiverticuLITUS, that’s when the shit hits the fan. And I’m being only half metaphorical here.

h9991263_001 diverticulitis-ultrasound-i9

This isn’t a picture of my intestine, but, I have an appointment with my primary care doc, and I’m going to challenge him to get a copy of my CT scan to show me. Anyhow, as I understand it, I have these sizable nuggets on my intestine too. Let me tell you, it don’t feel good.

Now that I looked up these pictures for this post, I really think I shouldn’t have even tried doing a yoga. Actually, I may have been fine, had I not had something to vape first. It gave me the idea of putting in an Erich Schiffman DVD. Starting with my own routine felt good, but I decided to get high.

Erich Schiffmann Beginning Yoga Backyard Series

There was some text at the beginning of the video talking about how you should listen to your body, not push into pain, etc. It said to consult your doctor before trying yoga. I thought, “Well, it’s Saturday. Doc can’t tell me anything.” So I did a quick internet search on <doing yoga with diverticulitis> I found this:

Poses That Help Diverticulitis

The jist of it seems to be, hey, it’s okay to do twists when you have diverticulitis, so I go ahead with the video. What I should have done instead was do the exercises I found on the web, ONLY.

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Ashtanga Yoga : Supta Udarakarshanasana ( Sleeping Abdominal Stretch) & Its Benefits

Things were going okay with Erich. Until, I felt a sharp pain in my intestine. Well, let me tell you, I instantly got out of the pose, which wasn’t hard to do, we were just getting going, but ultimately I thought, I’m going to put something out on the web for the next person who wonders if she can do yoga to stretch out her back since she’s only been sitting around for the past few days.

I wonder how much sitting has had to do with the development of my Diverticula. I also wonder about that green slime that was growing in the basin of our water jug. We bleached that all out. Maybe the bleach residue caused them. Nobody wants to hazard a guess as to why Diverticula form. Could be a lot of different factors.

Can’t blame it on the weed. I haven’t been doing too much of that lately. Every time I’ve gotten stoned, I’ve said so here on this blog. Okay, there were two or three times I didn’t and just did yard and house work after work. It’s bad when you do speed to motivate you to do housework, but pot’s okay, right? It’s legal here now so…

Why do I have to bring pot into everything lately? It’s because it’s totally a trip to get stoned legally. Sure, the Feds haven’t legalized marijuana, but they really don’t give a shit, so long as we don’t go all Colombian Cartel on them, and I’m not even close to that. The only further away I could be from that would be to not use cannabis at all. But that’s now my choice to make. So here is a log of someone making that choice, even if no one ever cares enough to read this record, here it is.

Waiting to retroactively make a criminal out of me.

Paranoia! Side effects. 😦

My brother-in-sort-of-law is highly opposed to the use of marijuana. If he even cared about yoga and Diverticulitis, I know he wouldn’t bother to read to the end of this. He’d have scoffed at the very start of all this pot talk and moved onto the next thing, forming a lower opinion of me and pot users everywhere.

His brother Johnny, my room mate for the last 21 years, is afflicted with this same blanket statement fallacy. It’s all black, or it’s all white. Lonny says, “‘Everything that’s wrong with the world today can be traced back to ‘Liberalism’.” I put quotes around liberalism because that’s the way it seems Lonny thinks about liberalism. A growing portion of the country acts like it’s a dirty word. Just like communism was in the 50’s. Hmmm.

Even Shannon, Lonny and Johnny’s half sister who is vocally liberal is opposed to marijuana use. Her eldest daughter has been using it chronically for her cerebral palsy since it became medicinally legal in Washington State. Well, I know she did it long enough for Shannon to find out about it and vocally disapprove of it. I never pursued the matter. It did factor into the calculations I did when this eldest daughter pulled a move that resulted in a collision with a city transit bus. It’s worse than it sounds. There’s video of her pulling a “U”ie on a highway, right in front of the bus. Luckily no one was killed. It seems to have only seriously injured the driver, but it made me think, “Was she stoned when she pulled that maneuver?”

So what kind of argument am I making here? Just that you shouldn’t do yoga if you have Diverticulitis, and you probably shouldn’t do any marijuana, either. If you do, be sure NOT to do any yoga. Just bear with the healing and take your antibiotics.

The End


The doctor laughed at me when I said I tried to kill my stomach pain with marijuana.

I thought I’d fill out this post. I seem to be in a talkative mood today. Or just bored from being laid up with this thing. I left work early on Wednesday. A whole half hour earlier. I very rarely take time off of work. I had to a few years ago when my depression was so bad, but never for being physically ill. I don’t know how to handle myself when it strikes me. But I was feeling I might hurl so, I left.

I was in a lot of pain overnight and John wanted me to go to the doctor, but I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t end up with an ER bill and a diagnosis of, “You have a tummy ache”. At 8:00 A.M. the following morning, John brought me to the Immediate Care Clinic in my town. My insurance (which I only have because Obama Care would penalize me at tax time if I didn’t) let me pay $50 for the visit. I knew that the x-rays and labs were going to be extra and I was still worried at this point it was all over something minor, like a bladder infection.

They first thought I had an UTI. Is that the same thing as a bladder infection? Well, a quick look into google, it seems they are not synonymous. Crap, I spelled that right the first time. Nevermind. As soon as I could make some pee for them they found out that no, I didn’t have an Urinary Track Infection. They also found that my white blood cell count was elevated. When they looked into my guts with X ray, they eliminated some other scarier possibilities, but after palpating my abdominal region, she was pretty sure I had Diverticulitis.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do a CT scan to be sure nothing had abscessed (which could turn deadly) there. They had to send me to… that’s right, the ER. Luckily the hospital isn’t but a half mile from the Medical Center, but cha-ching. Now, I do have an ER bill as well as a charge for the CT scan.

It was my first CT scan and I didn’t know what to expect. Was it going to be like a colonoscopy, I wondered. I have had two of those, and the last one was a not so good experience that left me with a stomach ache not unlike what I was experiencing at the time. This very young, very cute guy came to give me my CT and he said it was easy. It was, though having an IV then putting my hands above my head was very uncomfortable. He warned me that the contrast dye would flush me and make me feel as if I were urinating. I think that last sensation was intensified because I was, and still am menstruating and wearing a moist pad. TMI? Eh, who reads this shite anyway?

The CT scanner looks like one hell of an expensive piece of equipment, so I imagine my bill will reflect that. It found that yes, indeed, I have Diverticulitis, and no abscess. Goody. Now, I can get some pain meds, nausea meds, and get a start on my antibiotics. They predicted I would feel better in a couple days and should be able to get back to work no problem on Monday.

While in the ER, there was a lady who was very vocal about her pain and nausea, driving Johnny bonkers. The whole business took a good six hours and he bore it very well. Stayed with me the whole time. Well, not in the ER. He finally got worried about me after a few hours and came looking for me just as I was being released. My little slot in the ER had a nice curtain with a landscape motif of green trees and flowers. None of the other slots did, that I saw. The CT scanner had light covers with clouds on them, but my ob/gyn does too. I approve of these touches, though I didn’t notice the light shade while being subjected to the CT scan.

I haven’t taken too many pain pills. Just the first day. I really thought I’d be feeling much better by now. Who knew I was such an optimist?

Medicinal Marijuana

a b & c d e f g h

I totally ripped off the idea of photographing my script. I was encouraged by fate to do it. I always get the urge to write, whether or not, it seems, I have either indica or sativa. This is a common effect, I gather. At least a marked increase in creativity. I started with it because I have a stomach ache and thought to test it’s medicinal qualities. My brother legally gave me a sample of some kind of indica a few weekends ago. I thought, it’s time to try it. He said it would make me sleepy and offer relief to aches and pains. Well, if that has indeed happened, I don’t think much of it’s effectiveness.

I’ve also tried lemon ginger tea and this licorice tea I can’t remember the name traditional medicines. Not to be too exclusive to the “natural” method, I also took a dose of pepto bismal.

There is the novelty of my doing absolutely nothing illegal by trying the pot. At the same time, I act incredibly discreet. I haven’t told John I tried any pot. He has no idea, either. I can take a bong hit and he won ‘t know unless I tell him. Tonight, I used the MFLB. I wasn’t even sure it would work. I haven’t charged the batteries recently. I got impatient vaping, and I had this old dried stuff that I felt would burn anyway in the vaporizor. But this fresh stuff, and batteries that were well up to the task did the job better than I anticipated.

I worry if I have to go to the doctor, I’ll have to tell them everything I took and it will be a matter of record. It would probably appear that messing around with marijuana gave me a bad result, but let me be clear here, at least. I took the weed after an evening and nearly full day of having a stomach ache. I haven’t smoked any weed since last week, around Wednesday. It’s been almost a full week since I’ve been high.

I do suspect something I’ve eaten. I remember Chris Cartwright callously blaming my diet the last time I felt ill at work with a stomach ache. Of course that was some time ago. I haven’t worked with him in 8 months. It is scary that this also occurs around the time of my period, that I treated a yest infection questionably with Monastat 7.

Well, I seem to be all settled in. John is making my third cup of tea. I think I”m getting bloated. I’ll poddy and change.

You know, something else has made me suspicious of the origin of this stomach ache. Maybe the food at the wedding  could be responsible, maybe not. but what about that nick Sun put on my neck when she was cutting my hair, with no paper neck protection. What if I caught some funky kind of disease from her equipment? I’ll go ahead and post this now. I still wonder how discreet I am being, blogging this way. It wouldn’t be hard to trace back to the real me, but would anybody want to expend the effort, for confessing to something that is completely legal.

What a Trip

This is the first time I’ve gotten high legally. I’m pretty sure the date the legality came into effect was this month, and seeing the month’s nearly up, I premise my ponderings on this. We’re going out to the fair soon, so this gotta be quick. Maybe I should just— got interrupted, lost chain of thought. What a stoner. Ran outta time anyway. Was just gonna rambling ne ways I spect.